Sunday, September 11, 2022

September 11th Opening Prayer

 At the beginning of our Sunday service this September 11th we were led in prayer by The Reverend Canon Elizabeth Habecker in response to today being the 21st anniversary of the events of that tragic day and the difficult days that followed.

We pray for our nation as a whole this September 11th.

September 12th (back then) was met with unity and grief that we all shared. It is still something we share as a people. It is a reminder of how fragile and precious life truly is.

Lord we pray for peace and unity in our nation today.

We pray that your spirit will be poured out among us and that through and by you there would be a common heart, a common goal, and a common desire for peace and kindness towards one another.

Let us not lose sight of what is important in this life.and help us to love one another as you truly love us.

Lord we pray for our leaders today. We pray that you would give them wisdom and discernment as they tackle events and dilemmas as they unfold.

We pray that you would inspire this nation to be a nation under God, one that seeks to glorify, honor and praise you. This is our heart’s desire Lord. We desire to be your people and we strive to have peace.

This nation has so much to offer. And Lord we pray for our nation to truly be a city on the hill

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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