Saturday, November 26, 2005

St. Paul's Health Club

Those looking for a way to work off any extra calories from Thanksgiving arrived early this cool Saturday morning to take advantage of a "special" offer from Bob Gessler on behalf of St. Paul's "Health Club".

The offer, extended to all, was to come with a rake and gloves to help in the church yard. In terms of getting the church yard cleaned up, getting our new flag in place, and enjoying some fresh air and fellowship ... Bob's real objectives ... the activities of the enthusiastic and hard working "exercisers" were a great success.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Paul Twelves Appreciated

Yesterday's fellowship brunch was delightful. We dined, in joyful companionship, on a delicious repast amid lovely Fall decorations and we articulated our heartfelt appreciation for The Rev. Paul 12s. There is so much that Paul has done for us here at Saint Paul's - from his leading our services during the last 2 years, to his thoughtful mentoring of us during our Christian Formation over the last several months - for which we are most thankful.