Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Appreciation and Gratitude Sunday Gathering

Following our service on Sunday September 11th we met in the Parish Hall for a joyful gathering that is wonderfully captured in the many photos and two emails here.

To All
I would like to express my thanks for a wonderful day of fellowship, food, fun and for just an all around great day of gratitude and appreciation. The enthusiasm, generosity and overwhelming support made this all worthwhile. Our entertainment Lou Couto was absolutely thrilled to be with us and remarked several times how much he loved the people of St. Paul’s and looks forward to coming back again. Thank you to all who help in any way and it was indeed my pleasure to put this together for such a fine group of dedicated servants. I have been approached about doing this again for Christmas by Lou and he would be more than happy to return. Again, many thanks to all for keeping the spirit alive. May God Bless each and every one of you and his continued blessings on this wonderful St. Paul’s Church family. 

Dear Scott 
Your idea and follow through for today's cookout turned out to be a spectacular and fun event! I am still smiling at how much fun we had and all the delicious food. We are so blessed and grateful to have you at St Paul's! Yes, I would look forward to doing this again.
With a grateful heart,

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