Episcopal Church

Christianity is the largest worldwide religion. It is grounded upon the birth, life, death, resurrection, and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. One of the hallmarks of Christian life is its emphasis on gathering in the name of Jesus for prayer and worship, companionship, teaching, and especially the sacramental meal of bread and wine called the Eucharist. The Episcopal Church represents the United States in the Anglican Communion, a worldwide Christian denomination. The center of international Anglicanism is Canterbury, England, the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend  Justin Welby. The Episcopal Church comprises approximately 3 million people and churches throughout all 50 states as well as Central America and Europe. The Right Reverend Michael Curry was elected as the 27th Presiding Bishop on June 27, 2015. The Right Reverend Nicholas Knisely serves as bishop of the Diocese of Rhode Island, where the Episcopal Church gathers in 50 locations.